The corporate social responsibility of a company demonstrates its striving for achieving social, economic and environmental practices that exceed the legislative requirements and that are being implemented in dialogue with all stakeholders.

It is about caring after the employees as well as about the undertaking to cope with the problems related to the environment and the community in which the company operates.

In the public interest

In its capacity of socially responsible company, “STAM TRADING” JSC strives for being an integral part of the civil society while supporting versatile initiatives. The social responsibility towards the society is inbuilt in company’s business strategy. Some of the objectives of this strategy are about increasing the employment rates among the local population, supporting the significant and useful initiatives, effectively promoting the environmental, educational, medical, cultural, social and other institutions.
The company stands behind various and numerous social and public causes as its support covers versatile public areas.

The internal company policy and the human factor

The management of “STAM TRADING” JSC strongly believes that the undertakings of a socially responsible company originate from the internal company relations. Thus the company has defined clear targets concerning the effective management of its human resources. Some of these targets are about improving employees’ satisfaction and motivation and creating excellent occupational environment that provides occupational health and safety. The company takes care after respecting the human rights of each and every employee, valuing the individual differences, as well as creating opportunities for the development and improvement of each and every employee, irrespective of his or her nationality, beliefs, religion, origin and age.
The social undertaking of “Stam Trading” JSC towards its employees and the striving to turn into attractive location of young people’s realization is also a part of company’s mission.

“STAM TRADING” JSC and environment

“Stam Trading” JSC pays special attention to environment and the environmental protection.
Company’s socially responsible behaviour in the direction of promoting the energy efficiency and the green economy is evidenced by the by the comprehensive permit that was implemented in 2010 and issued by the Ministry of environment and waters – a preventive instrument for assuring the implementation of measures targeted at effective resource use, elimination or mitigation of the harmful and dangerous compound emissions in the air, water and soil, including measures for preventing the formation and lawful management of the industrial waste.
The company strives for implementing the most environmentally friendly and state-of-art technologies in strict conformity with the applicable legislative and other requirements related to environment and the international standard ISO 14001:2004.
The principles for ensuring the environmental sustainable development as well as for finding and implementing effective solutions aimed at improving the environmental protection potential are significant component of company’s investment programme.
“STAM TRADING” JSC is an active participant in the campaign of bTV “Let’s clean Bulgaria in a day”, as well as in other environmental initiatives.

“STAM TRADING” JSC, partners and suppliers

In its capacity of socially responsible company, “STAM TRADING” JSC bases its behaviour towards the business partners, suppliers and clients on the honest and trustworthy relationships.
The company keeps up to its undertakings and promises, does not allow unethical behaviour, avoids the conflict of interest and strives for open commercial and financial relationships.