Project Description

“Stam Trading” JSC offers high quality series manufacturing of aluminum and zinc alloy casting under high pressure and gravity die casting of aluminum alloys at competitive prices. The company is capable of satisfying more specific and non-standard requirements of its clients on the basis of the ensured quality of the raw materials being used.

Another company’s advantage is its capability to deliver small quantities of details in short deadlines.

To our partners with year-round orders we offer the option of buffer warehouses where the clients have the opportunity to store the details manufactured for them and to take them at any time thus assisting the continuous manufacturing process of our clients.

The manufacturing foundry equipment is suitable for the mass production with robotized facilities for pouring in the melted metal, taking the casting out of the press casting box and covering the casting box. The full automation of the foundry process ensures high yield, precision, safe occupational environment and uniformity of the finished product.

The company has manufacturing facilities that are at high technological level with the full set of die-casting machines with horizontal cold camera “Polac”: 250, 400, 630 and 1000-tonne ones, manufacturing capacities for gravity die casting, as well as spectrometer for controlling the chemical compounds of soldering during the foundry processes.

“Stam Trading” JSC manufactures aluminum items, details and high pressure casting whose weight varies between 0,020 kg and 18,00 kg and the commissioned die-casting machine makes it possible to cast details weighing up to 20 kg.

Some of the services offered by “Stam Trading” JSC are the following:

  • High pressure casting;
  • Gravity die casting;
  • Preparation of the documentation for the moulds and die-casting machine (design optimization for achieving the best possible results that should reflect the resources invested by the client);
  • Moulds assembly;
  • Slip grinding;
  • Sand blasting with programmable machine;
  • Dust painting;
  • Mechanical cast processing;
  • CNC details processing;
  • CNC carving in aluminum details;
  • Spectral analysis of aluminum alloys;
  • Thermal processing of aluminum details;
  • Stretch tests;
  • Thickness control.

In the future we intend to perform the impregnation process.

Our enterprise is equipped with state-of-art machinery and is in conformity with all environmental regulations and occupational safety that are applicable in the EU. The quality of the cast details is ensured by the high quality raw materials that are also being manufactured by the company and by the work of the highly qualified team of professionals with many years of experience.