Aluminum alloys manufacturing

The basic operations in which “Stam Trading” JSC specializes, are about manufacturing aluminum alloys. They are in conformity with the highest quality criteria at the European markets and the company produces the basic alloy types DIN 226, DIN 230, DIN 231 and DIN 239, as well as alloys according to client’s specification.
The implemented technology […]

Aluminum details manufacturing

“Stam Trading” JSC offers high quality series manufacturing of aluminum and zinc alloy casting under high pressure and gravity die casting of aluminum alloys at competitive prices. The company is capable of satisfying more specific and non-standard requirements of its clients on the basis of the ensured quality of the raw materials being used.
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Scarp processing

“Stam Trading” JSC buys out scrap of aluminum and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company operations are in conformity with the currently effective legislation and regulations in the state.
Company’s policy is aimed at the better and more rational use of the metal waste with the fullest implementation of the sustainable development principles. The […]